In 2015...



Leaders accessed over 18,000 pages of great content on nearly 7,000 separate occasions from nearly 3,800 separate devices.




60.8% of the time, it was leaders' mobile phones. 






Leaders loved reading relevant, inspiring blog posts each week. Here were their favorites:





On average, 300-400 subscribers tuned in to the River Valley Leadership Podcast for practical, real-world tested, leadership advice...




Estimated Subscribers*

*because of how this data is collected, this is an estimate, not exact number.



Since the launch of Online Leader Training in September, 80+ leaders have been trained to be a Lifegroup Leader from the comfort and convenience of their own home. 







The leadership website also caught some attention outside of River Valley. Multiple churches inquired about the site, as well as Leadership Network, which is set to publish an article on the page in early 2016. 
 was created so that leaders could be inspired, challenged, resourced, and spurred on to be better leaders. 

That happened in 2015.