The Core Principle, Part One

My wife is a fitness guru. Maybe you are one yourself or maybe you know someone who is. Now even though I don’t always follow my wife’s example, she persistently encourages me to stay active and eat wisely, and over the past few months, she has been reminding me of the importance of exercising and strengthening my core. 

I remember hearing about the importance of core strength and muscles on the news once, thinking it to be another passing fad, but now my wife has convinced me of its fundamental importance in my overall strength and health. 

Our core muscles affect our entire body. When we exercise and develop our core, we aren’t just strengthening our abdominals and back muscles. We are actually adding integral balance and strength to the rest of our bodies. In other words, when I strengthen my core, I actually strengthen more than my core. I’ve come to call this the core principle.

In the same way, all of us have a faith core. There are areas of our faith that if strengthened will actually give us heightened success in other areas of our life. By strengthening my physical core, I’ve actually noticed better balance, stamina, and speed during my work outs. What if by strengthening our faith core, we could hear God better, live more fulfilling lives, or handle conflict better? What if the core principle also has ramifications for our faith journeys? 

That is our hope for everyone in our church through our new CORE groups. We have identified four areas that make up our faith core. If we can gain strength in these areas, we believe we open ourselves up to greater strength and stamina in other areas of our faith journeys.   

Over the next four posts, we will unpack what these four core areas look like and what groups you can be part of in order add strength to your faith core. Remember, this isn’t about getting stronger in a few selected areas. This is about strategically strengthening areas of our faith that will naturally spill over and affect other areas of our lives.

I am a believer in strengthening our physical and faith cores. I have seen the difference it has made, and I am praying that the same will be true for you.