More Than A "Have To"

I would like to think that I am a morning person. There’s just something about that first part of the day, allowing yourself to set up and prepare for what awaits outside your front door. Many of us are off to work, taking kids to school, running errands, etc. For me, it’s a tendency to try and fill each and every day to the brim with activities, meetings, Lifegroups, you name it. I’m sure that we’re all guilty of that on some level. 

If I’m not careful, days, weeks, even months, can become busy, filled, and hectic, that I begin to feel the disconnect. It feels like becoming “off-centered.” It feels overwhelming. At it’s worst, I can feel as though I’m unraveling. I’m sure we’ve all felt it at times. I can avoid this feeling by making sure that I begin each day with reading God’s word. 

While reading the Bible in the morning can bring a sense of peace and purpose to each day. @@There is so much more to be found in reading the Bible than just feeling better in the mornings.@@

The Bible contains the story of the people of God. From the beginning of all creation, to foretelling of the end of all time, the Bible contains the story of God’s people and their journey towards freedom in Him. There are countless stories of triumphs, failures, and the in-betweens that those before us have experienced. 

The Bible is the very Word of God, alive and active in speaking to us and transforming us. When we read Scripture and open our hearts, God speaks to us. New breath can be found in passages that we’ve read dozens of times before. When we read God’s Word and allow the Holy Spirit to move in and speak to us, we create room for God to do a new work in us, making us more like Jesus. 

Reading the Bible helps us to become more devoted followers of Jesus. Our relationship with God does not have a destination. Rather, it is a continual journey deeper and deeper into discovering who He is. Like any relationship, it takes continual work and effort to blossom. Sometimes, it may be very difficult to cultivate this relationship with God. Reading our Bibles each and every day creates a habit of discipline around our relationship with God. It’s quite simple: the more we foster this, the more it will grow. 

Around our church, we practice what we call SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) as our daily Bible reading plan. We do not take part in this out of obligation or to give everyone one more task to check off their list. We take part in reading the Word of God together because we believe that there is profound impact in our lives as well as our church when we do. 

When I wake up each morning, I am confronted with a choice. I can choose to hurry off into the day’s activities, or I can stop myself, and connect with God, the ultimate source of my strength, my mission, and my inspiration.

Maybe you don’t have a set plan for reading the Bible. Perhaps you’ve tried in the past, but fell out of habit shortly after. If you or someone you know would like to try, you can find daily updates for SOAP at