The Core Principle, Part Three (The Freedom Quotient)

It is for freedom that Christ has truly set us free. - Galatians 5:1 (NIV)

That’s kind of an interesting verse, isn't it? It almost seems redundant, as if the Apostle Paul got stuck in a writer’s block of some kind. But if read closely, you’ll notice that’s not the case. 

Galatians is one of Paul’s most poignant letters. He is ticked at this particular church’s willingness to believe they have to jump through certain hoops in order to be part of God’s family. Paul reminds them that all we need is to receive the grace of God through the cross of Jesus Christ. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And if we really let that sink into our hearts, we open ourselves up to a life of true freedom. That’s what Christ accomplished for us through his life, death, and resurrection. He set us free. But would you categorize your life as one of freedom? Do you feel free? 

Obviously, we won’t experience total freedom until God’s Kingdom comes in its fullness, but the gospel invites us to live a life of freedom because it is for freedom that Christ has truly set us free.

So what does a free life look like? Or maybe the better question is: What do you need to be set free from? For the Galatians, they needed to be set free from thinking there was more to being part of God’s family than simply accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. They sadly thought they had to follow more rules in order to be true Christians. 

So what is it for you? Maybe you need to be set free from un-forgiveness, or an addiction, or a grudge. Maybe you have a hard time controlling your emotions or staying disciplined. Whatever it may be, all of us have chains that need to be loosed and wounds that need to be healed. And the amazing thing is that Jesus has all authority to set us free from those things.

This ability to live a free life is part of our faith core. Just think about it: How much more could you hear God’s leading in your life if you were free from emotional strongholds? How much more free would you be to share the gospel with others if you were delivered from a fear of failure?

At River Valley, we provide you the opportunity to build this Freedom Quotient in your faith core through our Freedom Groups. These groups are specifically designed to help you be set free from the things that so easily hold us back, so that you can truly live the free life Christ offers us through the cross. 

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