The Core Principle, Part Two (Faith Foundations)

I love questions. 

Maybe it’s the innate curiosity of my childhood lingering on. Maybe its the fact my favorite word is why (you can probably imagine how much my wife enjoys that), but I’ve always been fascinated by learning, and I would bet I am not alone. 

Speaking of questions: How many questions do you think you ask a day?

In 2013, a British study published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph found that four-year-old girls are the most curious individuals around, asking 390 questions per day. That’s a staggering number, amounting to one question every two and a half minutes! The study even asked respondents the toughest question they’ve faced from their kids, and 34% replied, “Why is water wet?”

I just love that kind of curiosity. It reminds me that there are some big questions still floating around in my head like how can I hear God better? Do you have some questions floating around in your head? Questions about faith? Life? Purpose? Christianity?

We can’t shy away from those questions, no matter how big or small they might feel. When we ask questions, we begin to build a foundation for our lives because our questions expose what really matters to us. 

So what really matters to you? Are you curious about your faith? No matter where you find yourself in your faith journey, whether you’ve been a Christian for decades or whether you still don’t buy the Christian message, we all need a place to ask those big and small questions. At River Valley, we believe this willingness to ask questions about our beliefs is part of our faith cores, and the best place to make that happen is Alpha.

Alpha is designed to help answer some of our most fundamental questions as Christians. Who is Jesus? Why and how should I read the Bible? Does God heal today? These are huge questions that build the foundation of our faith, and the answers to these questions have repercussions for our entire faith journeys. They affect our daily disciplines, our eagerness to share our faith with others, even our understanding of our life purpose.

One of the things I love about Alpha is that you'll find you’re not the only one asking questions. Everyone of us has an innate curiosity that we need to let out more. It pushes us to discover more about God and more about ourselves. It helps build our faith foundation, which is an essential part of our faith core. 

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