Don't Ask For Help

It may seem counterintuitive, but let’s make a pact not to ask people to “help” in Lifeteams.  

People don’t want to join a sinking ship, they want to be offered the chance to use their gifts and abilities to serve God and their church. There is meaning and fulfillment to be found in serving, because it means reaching the lost, discipling believers, and becoming a vital part of the life-giving atmosphere that we find here. It’s these very things that inspire people to remain committed and engaged. Offer opportunities for people to contribute to the lives of others through the joy of serving together on a Lifeteam.

You may ask, “How do I ask people to join my Lifeteam?”

First, know that people are waiting to be asked!

Many people don’t know that we both need and want them to be a part of our team.   

The people needed to accomplish Kingdom work are ready and available. The key is to identify, recruit, and empower them for ministry.

Second, practice your “ask”.

Recruiting starts with preparation. Planning, research, and approach are all elements that need to be developed and established to effectively grow your Lifeteam. The basics of understanding your ministry serving opportunity is important to know and feel confident about your answers. Knowing the answers to questions like:

How many people do we need?  

What skills are required?  

What is the expectation for the person serving? 

What type of frequency are we asking for? 

What are the roles and responsibilities of the person serving and of the leader?

Simply understanding the Lifeteam structure, time commitment and knowing the position orientation manual inside and out will help you to anticipate the questions someone may have as they consider joining your team. Remember, as you recruit, if the person is unable to commit to a set week of the month, there is always the substitute team that they can commit to serving on at least once a month, and have all of the flexibility that they need. 

Third, understand the value of serving on a Lifeteam. 

This is an important part of effectively inviting people to join your Lifeteam.  There is so much research that shows the benefits of serving.  Serving on a Lifeteam helps a person grow in their relationship with Jesus. It can help someone make friends in the church. It can even increase a person’s happiness levels! 

So, don’t keep all the joy to yourself.  Invite people to join your team and be part of creating the life-giving atmosphere of River Valley Church.