How To Stop Leaking Inspiration

We are inspired all the time, even without realizing it. We see a heroic film and tell ourselves, “I want to be more courageous like that guy was.” We watch weight-loss shows and suddenly feel we should be taking better care of our own bodies. A good album or a good book can cause us to see the beauty and good things that surround us every single day. 

While becoming inspired happens all the time, staying inspired is difficult. As Erwin McManus says, “We leak.” A moment of inspiration can come fast, but just as easily fade away. Just as soon as we are inspired to change, we find ourselves right back to where we started. No matter what we do to try and keep our inspired momentum, it sometimes just seems to stop.

To “inspire” literally means to breathe into. That’s a beautiful thing. We were never made to rely solely on what is inside of us. We draw energy and inspiration from things outside of ourselves. We see this from the very beginning of humanity in Genesis:  

Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and man became a living being. [I Cor. 15:45-49.]

-Genesis 2:7 AMP

All true inspiration points back to God, the Creator of everything in existence. It is why Scripture doesn't just excite us to change ourselves, but actually changes us. It’s why times of worship and good preaching don’t simply make us think in a new perspective, but can lead to moments of miraculous, God-breathed life change. When we are inspired, we are allowing God to breathe into us His very life, His very Spirit. 

Why do we leak then? Why is it that even in the wake of a monumental life changing moment, we begin to fade back to where we were? 

One thing about the inspiration of God is that it was never meant to remain on lockdown inside of us. Life from God should pour into us, and then onto everything around us. Oswald Chambers describes it like this:

“We are to be centers through which Jesus can flow as rivers of living water in blessing to everyone.”

Maybe the reason our inspiration leaks is that we don’t do anything about it.

@@God doesn't inspire us just for ourselves. God inspires us for the benefit of others.@@

When was the last time you felt inspired? What did you do about it? In this coming week, don’t be afraid to ask yourself these questions. Finding your God-inspiration is a crucial part in the life God wants for you.

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