Sharing Your Work

Ever been entrusted to do something important? Something you had previously never accomplished before? 

Maybe you worked hard to achieve it. Maybe you didn’t succeed. 

Either way, aren't you glad  someone gave you  a chance? Aren’t you glad  someone took a risk on you? 

I remember the first time I was put in charge of a team for a large writing project. It was a risk for my leader to take. There were many things I did really well. There were a few things I could have done much better. The experience changed me. It made me a more confident writer and a better leader. 

One of, if not, the most vital part of leadership is sharing the work. It’s how leadership transfers from one person to another. Without it, leaders would burn out, and not near the quality or quantity would be accomplished. 

You need people with you on your leadership journey, and the way you bring them along is by sharing your work.  

What we lead becomes part of us. Asking others to carry that part of us can be frightening and vulnerable. There is no guarantee that those whom we  trust will succeed. There’s no guarantee the outcome will look like  we predicted. 

It is true that there is the possibility of failure. There always is. But  how many know that God’s really good at bringing growth from failure. There is always room for growth and learning, even in the midst of the mess. 


Those we  entrust may also succeed beyond  our wildest imagination. They may discover a newfound passion. They may bring new life to a project that has remained stagnant and idle for a long time. Each of us contains a unique concoction of gifts and talents, given to bring honor to Christ. Every person has value to offer. Every person is waiting to be put in the right spot, to find the place where their passions and gifts align. Every person is waiting to find that spot where they truly can come alive. 

Have you found this place in your life? If so, aren’t you glad someone took a chance on you? 

When responsibility is shared, both the giver and receiver benefit. As the giver of responsibility, you will have more headroom to expand into new ventures. As the receiver, delegated responsibility can stretch you upward, expanding your leadership. 

Take a moment and examine your life. Who are you sharing your work with? Who is giving you a chance to grow? Who are you taking a risk on?