Generous Life, Part Four (Shared Vision)

Have you ever caught a glimpse of the future? How something might be? How it could be better?  I’m sure on some level you have, and simply stated you had vision!

I remember the first house my wife and I purchased after being married just a couple years. The house was built in the 1930’s, it was old, outdated, and just a little dirty (that’s an understatement). It needed carpet ripped out, it needed some painting, and a VERY good cleaning.  I remember the first time we walked through it, I saw some potential.  I got a glimpse of what could be beyond what presently was.  We bought that house, put a little sweat equity (okay a lot) into it. We sold it two years later to the day for a profit. 

Vision is a picture of an ambitious, desirable future for an individual, team, or even an entire organization.  It could be a personal goal, or as down-to-earth as Ikea’s vision: “To provide affordable furniture for people with limited budget.”

Vision is such a powerful concept, but when we have a shared vision the results can be exponential. When we share vision with one another it’s the catalyst that unites us, encourages us, and brings us together to reach a destination or desire together.  It boils down to this: the origin of community and collaboration is vision. When we speak vision it ignites passion and energy into our relationships, and we are compelled toward that vision side by side.  

In his book, Visioneering, Andy Stanley reminds us that: 

“Words are powerful. They are life-shaping. We can use them for good or evil. To build or destroy.  To point people in a God-honoring direction or send them down a path of regret.”  

Let’s be challenged to speak and believe in faith the potential we see in others or an idea as we move through life together -that’s a generous life.  

We need to be a part of a shared vision and share vision with others. This is how we lead the way toward the future. This could happen on so many levels and within the context of so many relationships in our daily life.  Let vision permeate your everyday life, and it won’t be long before you see that desired future become a reality.

What is your personal vision?  What are some shared visions you are part of in your family, at work, at church?  Who should you share vision with today?