Explore Leader Resources

Explore Leader Guide

Our Explore Leader Guide guides you through each lesson of Explore, and helps equip you to lead others in exploring God’s Great Commission for His Church.


Explore Hub Training

Our Explore Hub Training helps guide you through the process of uploading your Lifegroup and schedule to our Explore Hub so that you can connect with one of the missionaries we support and invite them to talk with your Lifegroup.


Missionary Action Plan (MAP)

River Valley vision is to raise up 500 of our very own who commit to give a year of their lives to overseas missions - and pray about a lifetime - so others might have the chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. As you navigate conversations with people feeling called to the mission field, you can direct them to our Global Project page to begin the MAP process.


Xplore Curriculum

The Xplore curriculum is the resource that you’ll use to lead an Explore Lifegroup. You can access a digital copy here or contact lifegroups@rivervalley.org about physical copies for your Lifegroup.


We want to help resource you as you lead an Explore Lifegroup! If you have any questions, please contact lifegroups@rivervalley.org for assistance.