"Introduction to Go"


Enjoy getting to know your Go Lifegroup in this first week! There might be people who you know, but most likely, you have some newcomers in your Lifegroup as well. Don't try to rush through the content this week, especially if people are getting to know one another. Relationship is key!



"Missio Dei"


In your second Lifegroup meeting, your Go Lifegroup will discuss the "Missio Dei" or "Mission of God". What is God's mission in the world? What is God's heart for His people? What does it mean that God chose to rescue us by sending His son, Jesus, to rescue us from sin?



"What is the Kingdom?"


What is the Kingdom of God? How do we fit into it? Why did Jesus tell his disciples about them through parables? In the third session of discussion, your Go Lifegroup will have a discussion surrounding the Kingdom of God, and Jesus' parables. 



"What is the Church?"


What is the mission and purpose of the Church? How is the Church the extension of Jesus to the world? In the fourth session of Go, your Lifegroup will discuss how the Church plays a crucial role in God's mission for the world. 



"What is my Mission?"


What is my purpose in life? What can I do to help in God's mission to save the world? In the fifth session of Go, your Lifegroup will discuss God's commission to all believers: to "Go!" God commissions each and every one of us to play a part in the Great Commission.



"What is our Mission?"


How does our individual call play out within a community of believers? While our calling to God's commission happens on an individual level, it's played out in community. In the final week of Go Lifegroups, celebrate together all that God has done!