Thanks so much for leading a Go Lifegroup!  Here's a few quick steps to take to get your Lifegroup up and running.


If you are not already an approved Lifegroup Leader, the simple Lifegroup Leader training is your first step. If you are approved, and it's been a while, it might not be a bad idea to brush up either! All Lifegroup Leader training is online and on-demand. You'll learn why we do Lifegroups, some best practices for leading, as well as how to use the Lifegroup Toolbox.



Once you have been approved, you'll need to set up your Lifegroup's profile on the Lifegroup Locator. For your Go Lifegroup, we have some special information we'd like you to include in your Profile. Your Go Lifegroup will start the week of January 10th.

If you are already leading a Lifegroup, and plan to stay together as a Go Lifegroup, simply change your Lifegroup Title and Description. 



Next, you want to start finding people to fill your Lifegroup! There will be people who find your Lifegroup in the Lifegroup Locator, but the best way to fill your Lifegroup is through personal invitation. Our Leadership site has a great collection of blogs, podcasts, and other resources that will help you fill and lead your Lifegroup..  We've hand-selected a few that will be of most value to you.



As your Go Lifegroup explores God's commission together, the Discussion Guide will provide all the tools you need to facilitate a great conversation. We will have Go Discussion Guides for you at the next Leadership Night on Monday, January 4th. Simply register for your campus, and we'll have copies ready and waiting for you! 



When we gather as a community of believers to explore God's commission,we can expect life transformation. Even now, its important to pray for your Go Group. As you prepare, begin praying for those who will join your group. Pray that God would speak to them through Go. Pray that through everything, they might know Him more.


Have a question? Send us an email!