What's new with Lifegroups at River Valley?

We are now taking a seasonal approach to Lifegroups. Basically, that means we are asking all Lifegroups to launch at the same time, meet for a defined length of time, and take part in or schedule your own Local Service Project. For more details on getting your first seasonal Lifegroup off the ground, check out our 5-step Lifegroups Launch Guide below.

When are the new Lifegroup seasons?

We will have three coordinated seasons in each calendar year with the following launch weeks and duration in 2018:

Winter Season // Launches the week of January 14 (12 weeks)
Summer Season // Launches the week of June 3 (8 weeks)
Fall Season // Launches the week of September 9 (10 weeks)

Why are we moving to seasonal Lifegroups?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find connections, grow in faith, and make a difference at River Valley. Seasonal Lifegroups allows us to offer three coordinated on-ramps to join groups each year, while also providing clear and manageable expectations as people jump into community.

In the past, new Lifegroups launched at many points throughout the year, and we rolled out an annual Lifegroups series in January to reset the Lifegroup rhythm. With the move to Lifegroup seasons, we will be discontinuing the annual Lifegroup series starting in 2018.

How are we now defining a Lifegroup?

A Lifegroup is a seasonal gathering where people can find connections, grow in faith, and make a difference.

As a leader, you are always invited to lead a Lifegroup based on your interests and passions. Lifegroup content is available to you through Right Now Media, a limited-menu Lifegroups Library, and weekly sermon discussion guides. For inspiration for your next Lifegroup, check out our top picks for curriculum below.

What if my Lifegroup still wants to meet after a season concludes?

We definitely don't want to stifle community at River Valley, but we also want our leaders to honor the likely expectations of your Lifegroup members. In other words, some members of your group may only want to commit to your group for the duration of a given season. That being said, we are asking all Lifegroups to officially conclude their groups after 8 to 12 weeks; however, you can definitely still continue to meet unofficially as long as you provide an off-ramp to all participants and let them know when your group officially launches again in the next season.

What's my role as a Lifegroup leader moving forward?

  • Host a seasonal gathering around a topic, curriculum, or activity of your choice
  • Personally invite 5-10 people to your group and post your Lifegroup to our online Locator
  • Identify a Local Service Project for your group
  • Multiply your leadership by raising up a future Lifegroup leader
  • Pray for members daily and help each one take a next step in their faith using the resource below