Episode 021: Motivation


What will you do when no one else is watching? What drives you to excellence when no one else is telling you to? In this month's episode of the River Valley Leadership Podcast, Pastor Rob Ketterling and Don Champion have a conversation about the importance of motivation. If you're looking to grow professionally, in your relationships and in your walk with Jesus, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

Episode 015: "Everyone wins when a leader gets better."

Everyone wins when a leader gets better. Our communities. Our families. Our worlds. When we expand in our leadership, everyone we come in contact with benefits. In this month's podcast, the team discusses some practical ways you can develop your leadership. The Global Leadership Summit is coming up, and there will be so much for us to gain. Sign up at gls.rivervalley.org for a special rate as a podcast listener!

Episode 010: Running From Conflict

Conflict is something that we all face as leaders. It's inevitable. You can't control when it will come up, but you can control what you do in the midst of it. Will you run from it? Or will you lean into the tensions you face to create a space for everyone to be better? Join the podcast crew as they dive into a discussion around one of the most relevant topics in leadership: Conflict.