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What is The Promise Principle?

The Promise Principle is a powerful tool to teach men to hear the voice of God. When we hear the voice of God, we have a choice to respond to that voice. When we respond to what God is speaking to us, we will truly change and grow into the men He has called us to be.

Men engaged in The Promise Principle experience what we call “the new accountability”. The old style of accountability focuses on sin management, while this new accountability calls for men to propel each other forward in seeking to hear and obey the voice of God.

Promise Principle groups meet weekly for 1-hour.

Why is The Promise Principle Important?

God is always speaking to us. His Word brings transformation, power, and direction to our everyday lives - this is our personal connection to Him.

When we take time to pause and intentionally listen to what God is speaking to us, we are setting ourselves up for a life full of God’s goodness and purpose. This is where freedom in Christ becomes evident in our lives. God can then truly use us to inspire those around us to follow Him.

How does The Promise Principle Work?

Your preparation for each session is just as important as showing up each week. Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Before you open God’s Word, pray a simple prayer of surrender and ask Him to show you what He wants for YOU today. Yes, right now. One or more verses will stand out.

  • Read the current week’s assigned chapter (see above) - each day if possible. This will prepare your heart for what God will do during each session in you and others.

  • Ask God to make it clear what He is speaking. In some cases, it comes right away. In most, it is after some “work” of reading it again. Build the discipline of "rinsing and repeating" and becoming a “miner for Gods Gold” through reading His Word. That is why we re-read the same chapter daily each week. Avoid reading simply to “check the box”, rather read with a surrendered heart that says, “I am a blank page Lord, show me what you have for me today”.

  • Determine if what the Lord has shown you is a Promise, a Truth or a Command (it can be one, two or all three). When you meet with your group, you will share that as well as your verse.

  • Consider Journaling what God has been speaking to you. It’s important later to look back and remember all God has done in our lives.

  • Always be in a mindful prayer of asking God to put someone else on your heart that you should invite to be a part of your Promise Principle group. The world needs Jesus!

  • If you are unclear on anything, ask one of your Promise Principle leaders to explain this in more detail.

Promise Principle Lifegroup Session - Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Each time you meet, read the current week's Bible chapter out loud together. Take turns as you read each verse or paragraph of verses. The current reading plan is available above.

  • Ask yourself, "Is what I'm reading a promise, truth, or command?"

  • The leader will ask someone to go first and share what God is speaking to them through this week’s passage. This is a random order. Repeat until all men have had a chance to share - be mindful of the allotted group time and group size when sharing.

  • When it’s your turn, share what God spoke to you about with the group. Share which verse God laid on your heart and what area/situation of your life that God is speaking into.

  • Then, pray for yourself, out loud, while the other men pray in agreement with you. Pray in faith and with gratefulness that what you heard from God would come to pass in your life.

  • Every 5-6 weeks, we set aside one week to discuss God's Plan, Vision and Dream that He is stirring in each of us. This is a time to share the personal plan, vision, and dream that God is speaking to you. This will fuel what we like to call, "new accountability." More detail is below. Ask one of your Promise Principle leaders to explain this in more detail.

When we press into God's Word while expecting His direction and then open our hearts and finally DO what He says, we certainly are not the same as we were before. (Romans 12:2)

Plans, Visions, and Dreams Weeks - Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Every 5-6 weeks, we set aside one week to discuss the “Plan, Vision and Dream” that God is stirring in each of us. The reading plan will direct this schedule.

  • This is a time to share what God is speaking to you. This will fuel what we call, “the new accountability”.

  • Spend your week in prayer. Go over your journal and pray and seek what areas He is calling to the surface. Stay in His Word daily; consider this daily reading plan SOAP.

  • There are not “right” or “wrong” things for this session. It’s simply a powerful opportunity to share what God is speaking to you that needs to be put in motion.

  • It could be related to your marriage, giving, career goals, a specific assignment from God, a new dream for your future, etc. This is a safe way to give voice to a God dream!

  • Feel free to share something you’ve previously shared. The point is for us to pray together and keep each other accountable for where God’s taking us!

  • Through Promise Principle Groups, our community with each other goes deeper as we continually encourage and inspire each other to hear and obey God’s voice in our lives. Amen!

  • If you are unclear on anything, ask one of your Promise Principle leaders to explain this in more detail.

 “I admit that I haven’t yet acquired the absolute fullness that I’m pursuing, but I run with passion into His abundance so that I may reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover.” (Philippians 3:12 TPT)