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What is The Promise Principle?

The Promise Principle is a powerful tool to teach men to hear the voice of God. When we hear the voice of God, we have a choice to respond to that voice. When we respond to what God is speaking to us, we will truly change and grow. 

Men who are a part of The Promise Principle experience what we like to call “new accountability.” Old Accountability focuses on sin management, while New Accountability calls for men to propel each other forward in seeking to hear and obey the voice of God.  

Why is The Promise Principle Important?

God is always speaking to us. His words bring transformation, power, and direction to our everyday lives. When we take time to pause and intentionally listen to what God is speaking to us, we are setting ourselves up for a life full of God’s goodness and purpose.

How does The Promise Principle Work?

Your preparation for each session is just as important as showing up each week. Here’s how you can prepare each week:

  • Read next week’s chapter each day. This will prepare your heart for what God will do during each session.
  • Journal what God has been speaking to you. It’s important to remember all God has done in our lives. 
  • Ask God to put someone else on your heart that you should invite to be apart of your Promise Principle group. 

Follow this simple step-by-step guide for each Promise Principle Lifegroup session:

  • Pick the book of the Bible your group would like to read together. Each time you meet, read one chapter aloud together, verse by verse.
  • When God speaks to you through the Scriptures ask yourself, “is what I’m reading a promise, truth, or command?” 
  • Ask one another to share what God is speaking to each of you through this passage.
  • Discuss what God spoke with the group. What area of your life was God speaking to? What situation in your life did God speak into? 
  • Have group members pray for themselves one at a time. Pray in faith and with gratefulness that what they heard from God would come to pass in their lives.
  • Once the group finishes the book, take one week for everyone to share the plan, vision, and dream that God is speaking to them. This will fuel the "new accountibility."