Helping a Single Parent

  • Read to a child
  • Tutor a student
  • Be a Safety Patrol and help kids get to and from school safely
  • Rake/Mowthe lawn as a surprise
  • Shovel the walk
  • Transport someone who can’t drive
  • Offer to take kids of a single parent for a play date

Helping the Environment

  • Plant a tree
  • Pick up litter (Adopt-A-Street or Park)
  • Perform lawn services for the elderly or disabled

Donation/Collection Ideas

  • Collect soda can tabs for recycling and give the proceeds to a local community organization 
  • Donate books to a daycare or school
  • Collect mittens or socks and give to those in need 
  • Donate to a food shelf or clothing shelter

Helping the Elderly

  • Perform lawn services for the elderly or disabled 
  • Offer to help by putting groceries in their car at Target or grocery store
  • Rake the lawn as a surprise
  • Shovel the walk
  • Donate time at a senior center 
  • Transport someone who can’t drive 
  • Pick up the mail for a senior citizen on your block each day 

Surprise with a Gift

  • Surprise people at random with coffee shop gift cards for a warm treat.  Maybe a work crew working outside.
  • Feed a stranger’s expired parking meter.

Helping the Sick

  • Bake a hot dish for someone who just returned from the hospital 


  • Photograph someone being kind to another
  • Invite neighbors to your home for a meal
  • Walk a neighbor’s dog 
  • Encourage & uplift someone with a note or card
  • Form a Care Crew in your neighborhood and be a blessing to people
  • Clean graffiti from neighborhood walls and buildings